Nowadays in general and industrial construction a variety of innovative techniques is applied. One of them is diamond cutting, where saws with diamond blades and diamond wires, as well as diamond core drills are being used. This technique allows to reduce or eliminate the impact of vibrations on the construction, while drilling in concrete, hole-cutting, disassembly and demolition services.
A great advantage of this method is quick hole drilling in heavily reinforced concrete, so called ferroconcrete, and precise hole cutting with low noise output and dust free.
Modern machines using diamond drilling allow to drill holes within a range of diameters, at any angle, down to any depth and in any surface (bricks, ferroconcrete, concrete)

The diamond cutting tools allow to make window openings, door openings and cut floors. In general construction the machinery with diamond blades is used to cut walls, ceilings, beams and foundations.

wiercenie w betonieIn industrial and water construction the most common used saws are so called wire saws, that offer a wide range of possibilities for large-size cutting. In road building, they can be used to cut overpasses, viaducts or asphalt. Frequently by diamond drilling as well as diamond cutting water is applied, to lower the dust production. Water has a cooling effect and is more effective than air. Water application allows the works to advance quicker.
Dry cuts are done rarely and only in places that require small and shallow cuts. Cutting of ferroconcrete, ceramic and rocks is done with blades with soft diamond bond, as the principle of the diamond technique is to use soft blades to cut hard surfaces and hard blades to cut soft materials (like asphalt or concrete blocks).
Choosing the right blade allows to prevent excessive use of the diamond bonds. Diamond technique has got multiple advantages that include: finishing the works in a shorter time with lower labour time, smooth finish of the services surfaces, low noise and dust output, lack of impact and vibration and access to hard to reach places.